Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company 2023 Jobs – Punjab Jobs

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Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company offers you jobs in different posts.
PMDFC is a state government set up by the Government of Punjab to promote municipal development 
And improve living conditions in urban areas of Punjab. 
The purpose of this organization is to provide longer-term financial resources for various projects and 
Activities are undertaken by municipalities so that they can be sustainable in their Operation.

Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company 2023 Jobs - Punjab Jobs
Punjab Municipal Development Company Jobs
The Government of Pakistan has secured a loan, Credit No.6243-PK, 
From the International Development Association (IDA) to support the Punjab Cities Program (PCP), 
Which aims to enhance urban management and improve municipal infrastructure in the province of 
The program is being implemented through the Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company. 
(PMDFC), with the local Government & Community Development Department (LG&CDD) as the 
Executing agency.
To strengthen the participating Municipal Committees (MCs) responsible for urban management and 
For municipal infrastructure improvement, LG&CDD plans to utilize the funds allocated under 
(Window-2) for the hiring of qualified professionals with relevant qualifications and experience. 
These professionals will be deployed across various cells/units involved in institutional strengthening. 
And capacity building of the MCs to ensure better service delivery.
The PMDFC is actively seeking the services of professionals to support the Punjab Cities. 
These professionals will play a crucial role in providing expertise in areas such as Planning and 
Design, infrastructure development, municipal finance, and administration, 
environmental management, and social development and community engagement.
Their contributions will be instrumental in empowering the MCs and building their capacity to 
Effectively manage urban areas and improve municipal infrastructure.
The PCP is an initiative by the Government of Pakistan to address the challenges of urbanization in 
Punjab. Through the IDA loan and the hiring of qualified professionals, the PCP aims to create 
Sustainable and livable cities, enhance service delivery, 
And foster overall socio-economic development in the region.
Vacant Posts
1. Head SPPU/Units, 2. Solid Waste Management Expert, 3. M&E Expert, 4. Municipal Finance 
Expert, 5. Local Govt Taxation Expert, 6. Partnership Expert Partnership Expert.

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Apply Procedure Terms and Conditions

1. To apply, interested candidates can visit the job portal www.jobs.punjab.gov.pk and submit their 
Applications with confidence. 
2. Only shortlisted candidates called for interviews who meet the eligibility criteria. 
3. No TA/DA (Travel Allowance/Daily Allowance) will be given to the candidates.
4. Detailed job descriptions for the available positions can be found at www.pmdfc.org.pk. 
5. It’s crucial to review these descriptions thoroughly to understand the responsibilities and 
Requirements of the position you are interested in.
6. Furthermore, it’s important to note that the positions at PMDFC are purely contractual, and the 
Reserves the right to increase, decrease, or dismiss any of the mentioned posts without 
Specifying the reason. 
Therefore, applicants should be aware of the contractual nature of the positions before applying.
Additionally, applicants will need to undertake a legal document stating that they have no legal right to 
Claim extension or regularization after the currency of the project. This is an essential requirement to 
Consider before applying for a position at PMDFC.
Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company 2023 Jobs - Punjab Jobs
Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company 2023 Jobs – Punjab Jobs

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