Provincial Assembly Sindh Jobs 2023 – Regular Jobs

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Are you searching for a promising career in the public sector? 
If you’re seeking a rewarding career in the government sector and wish to work with the Sindh Provincial Assembly Secretariat. The Provincial Assembly of Sindh has recently posted new job openings. Apply now and secure a regular job for 2023. This is the perfect opportunity to join the dynamic team of the Sindh government and contribute to the development of your province.
Provincial Assembly Sindh Jobs 2023 - Regular Jobs
Provincial Assembly Sindh Jobs 2023
Job Details
Job Location                   Sindh
Job Category                  Regular
Education                       Matric To Graduation
Quota                              Sindh
Department                     Provincial Assembly oF Sindh
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General Age Relaxation: Keeping Opportunities Open
One of the benefits applicants can avail of when applying for government jobs in Sindh is the general age relaxation of 15 years in the upper age limit. The Government of Sindh’s adherence to its rules and policies allows this relaxation per the applicable guidelines. This provision opens up opportunities for individuals who may have exceeded the standard age limit but are still eligible to apply due to this relaxation.
Applying through Proper Channel: A Must for Government Servants
Government servants, including those working in autonomous, semi-autonomous, or corporation roles, apply through the proper channel. This rule ensures a systematic approach to the application process and maintains fairness for candidates.
Advertised Post: Governed by Sindh Provincial Assembly Secretariat Rules
The advertised posts within the Sindh Provincial Assembly Secretariat are governed by the Sindh Provincial Assembly Secretariat Appointment, Promotion, and Transfer Rules 1975, along with any amendments made. These rules form the backbone of the recruitment process and provide a transparent and standardized framework for selecting candidates.
Security Clearance and Medical Examination: Ensuring a Reliable Workforce
Selected candidates will undergo security clearance and medical examination. These stringent measures ensure that only individuals of high integrity and good health are appointed to crucial government positions. These procedures are a reliable and efficient workforce committed to serving the people of Sindh.
Flexibility in Advertisement Posts: Adjusting as Per Requirements
It’s important to note that the number of advertised posts may be subject to change during the final selection process. This flexibility allows the authorities to adjust the number of positions based on the prevailing requirements and availability of resources. Stay updated on any potential changes that might occur during the selection phase.
Equivalency for Foreign Degree Holders: Meeting Local Standards
Applicants with foreign degrees must provide a certificate of equivalency from the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) or the Higher Education Commission (HEC), as the case may be. This ensures that foreign qualifications meet the required standards and are equivalent to local educational degrees. It helps the uniformity and credibility of educational qualifications.
Verification of Information: Upholding Honesty and Integrity
During the appointment process, the Sindh Assembly verifies the information. Candidates must be truthful and provide accurate details throughout the application process. Any false or forged information may lead to the cancellation of candidature, even after employment, on any ground whatsoever. Honesty and integrity are paramount when seeking government employment.
Reapplying After Previous Applications: A Fresh Start
Individuals who have previously applied for any post through advertisements in the Sindh Assembly must apply afresh in response to the latest advertisement. Each recruitment drive is unique, and reapplying ensures that candidates are considered based on the current requirements and vacancies. So, if you’re seeking another opportunity, embrace the chance for a fresh start.
Provisional Allowance for Test: Scrutiny of Eligibility
Only candidates who meet the requisite criteria will be provisionally allowed to appear in the test conducted by a third-party testing service. This scrutiny of eligibility ensures that only eligible candidates proceed to the testing phase, reducing the risk of unqualified applicants progressing in the selection process.
Special Quotas: Ensuring Fair Representation
Special quotas are observed per the rules and policies of the Government of Sindh, ensuring fair representation for specific segments of society. These quotas provide opportunities for candidates belonging to marginalized communities or special categories, contributing to diversity and inclusivity within the government workforce.
How To Apply: Step-by-Step Guide
Step 1:  Application Form and Deposit Slip
To kickstart your application process, Application Form and Deposit Slip from the official Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) website: Ensure you have the correct and latest versions of the form and slip for an error-free application.
Step 2: Pay the Test Fee Online
Pay the prescribed test fee through any countrywide online branches of Habib Bank Limited (HBL) or United Bank Limited (UBL). Keep the transaction details and receipt for future reference.
Step 3: Submit Application Form
Fill out the Application Form diligently and accurately. Attach the paid copy of the PTS Deposit Slip to the form. Submit the complete package to PTS Headquarters at the address provided below:
PTS Headquarters
3rd Floor, Adeel Plaza, Fazl-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad
Step 4: Ensure Timely Delivery
Ensure your application reaches PTS Headquarters before the Last Date for Submission of the Application Form, 08-08-2023. PTS shall not be held responsible for late delivery due to service issues.
Step 5: Adherence to Guidelines
Avoid any discrepancies in your application by adhering to the guidelines. 
Improperly filled-up forms or those without the paid copy of the deposit slip may not be entertained.
Step 6: Applying for Multiple Posts
If you’re interested in applying for more than one post, ensure you submit a separate application form along with the paid copy of the deposit slip for each desired post.
Step 7: Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable Test Fee
The test fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, so make your selections wisely.
Step 8: No TA/DA Admissible
Candidates appearing for the test/interview will not be eligible for any travel allowance (TA) or daily allowance (DA).
Q: Can I apply for government jobs in Sindh if I have exceeded the age limit?
A: Yes, you can! The government allows a general age relaxation of 15 years in the upper age limit.
Q: Are government servants required to apply through the proper channel?
A: Absolutely. Government servants, including those in autonomous and semi-autonomous roles, must follow the proper channel for applying for government jobs.
Q: How are advertised posts governed in Sindh?
A: Advertised posts in Sindh are governed by the Sindh Provincial Assembly Secretariat Appointment, Promotion, and Transfer Rules 1975.
Q: Will selected candidates undergo security clearance and medical examination?
A: Security clearance and medical examination are mandatory for selected candidates.
Q: Can the number of advertised posts change during the selection process?
A: Yes, the number of advertised posts may be increased or decreased based on requirements during the final selection process.
Q: Do foreign degree holders need to provide an equivalency certificate?
A: Foreign degree holders must provide an equivalency certificate from IBCC or HEC.
Embarking on a government job application journey in Sindh requires a clear understanding of the notes, rules, and procedures. As an aspiring candidate, remember the significance of age relaxation, adherence to guidelines, and accurate information during the application process. Staying informed and up-to-date for securing your dream position in the esteemed Sindh Provincial Assembly Secretariat.
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Provincial Assembly Sindh Jobs 2023 - Regular Jobs
Provincial Assembly Sindh Jobs 2023 – Regular Jobs

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