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Primary And Secondary Healthcare Department: Appointment of Charge Nurse/BS-16 (Female) in Tehsil Murree, District Rawalpindi
Are you a qualified nurse looking for a fulfilling career opportunity? 
Look no further! The Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department is inviting applications for the Charge Nurse/BS-16 (Female) on an Ad-hoc basis in Tehsil Murree, District Rawalpindi. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about the eligibility criteria, application process, and general terms and conditions for this exciting opportunity.

Job Details Primary And Secondary Healthcare Department
Primary And Secondary Healthcare Department
Job Details
Job Location                   Punjab
Job Category                  Adhoc
Education                       B.Sc Nursing
Quota                              Punjab
Department                     Primary And Secondary Healthcare Department

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Eligibility Criteria: Your Pathway to Success
To ensure a fair selection process, the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department has outlined specific eligibility criteria that applicants must meet. These criteria have been designed to identify the most suitable candidates who can contribute effectively to the healthcare sector.
A critical requirement for applicants is a valid registration with the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC). This validates your nursing qualifications and ensures that you are a recognized professional in the field.
Applicants must fall within the age bracket of 21 to 28 years. This range is set to ensure that candidates are in their prime working years, ready to take on the responsibilities of a Charge Nurse.
Specifically looking for candidates with domicile in Punjab. Commitment to hiring locally and supporting the community.
Candidates must possess a B.Sc Nursing Generic degree (four years) or a Diploma in General Nursing and Midwife. Preference will be given to graduates of government institutions, emphasizing the importance of quality education.
Procedure for Submission of Application: Your Step-by-Step Guide
Understanding the application process is essential for a successful application. Follow these steps to ensure your submission is complete and on time:
Interested candidates can apply conveniently through the online portal provided jobs Ad-hoc Portal. Be sure to complete all required fields accurately.
Make sure to submit your application before the deadline on 31st August 2023. 
Details of the vacant posts can be viewed on the provided Portal Link. This will give you insights into the available opportunities.
Your application will be evaluated by a Scrutiny Committee. Ensure that all provided documents and information are accurate and up-to-date.
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview. If you’re short-listed, be prepared to showcase your skills and experience.
The date, time, and interview method will be communicated through email, call, or SMS. Keep an eye on your communication channels for updates.
Short-listed candidates must provide original documents along with attested photocopies at the time of the interview. This step ensures transparency and authenticity.
Please note that no travel or daily allowance will be provided for the test or interview.
General Terms & Conditions: Your Commitment to Excellence
The Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department upholds several general terms and conditions to ensure a fair and transparent recruitment process:
Continuous service in public sector organizations will be deducted from the candidate’s age, reflecting the value of experience.
Proof of registration with the Social Welfare Department and a Disability Certificate is mandatory for disabled persons.
Applications will be evaluated by the Scrutiny Committee, ensuring a meticulous assessment of each candidate.
The Department reserves the right to accept, reject, or cancel applications and recruitments, maintaining flexibility.
The hiring authority may reject applications without assigning any reasons, emphasizing the importance of accurate and transparent applications.
Vacancy numbers can fluctuate, indicating the dynamic nature of healthcare staffing requirements.
The final terms and conditions will be settled on the actual date of the appointment. Ensuring clarity for successful candidates.
The Department’s decisions on all recruitment matters are final, reflecting a thorough and robust selection process.
FAQs: Clarifying Your Queries
Q: Can I apply if I don’t meet the age criteria?
A: Only candidates within the age range of 21 to 28 years are eligible for this position.
Q: Is the application process different for disabled candidates?
A: Disabled candidates attach proof of registration with the Social Welfare Department with a Disability Certificate from the District Standing Medical Board.
Q: Will I be reimbursed for travel expenses during the interview?
A: No, the Department does not provide Travel Allowance (TA) or Daily Allowance (DA) for the test/interview process.
Q: How will I know if I’ve been short-listed for an interview?
A: Short-listed candidates will receive communication through email, call, or SMS regarding the interview details.
Q: Can I apply for multiple posts?
A: These vacancies are post-specific and non-transferable, so candidates should focus on the specific role they are interested in.
Q: What happens if my application contains incorrect information?
A: Submission of false documents will result in disqualification from the recruitment process.
Conclusion: Your Opportunity Awaits!
The Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department’s announcement for the Charge Nurse/BS-16 (Female) in Tehsil Murree, District Rawalpindi an exciting chance to contribute to the healthcare sector. By meeting the eligibility criteria, following the application process, and adhering to the general terms and conditions, you can position yourself for success. Take the first step towards a fulfilling career by applying today!
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Job Details Primary And Secondary Healthcare Department
Primary And Secondary Healthcare Department

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