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Powering Lives: Your Guide to Joining Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO)
Looking to be part of Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO)? 
Discover how to apply for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) role and about LESCO’s vital role in providing electricity through an optimized power distribution network.
Introduction: Lighting the Way Forward
Technology and progress, electricity plays a role in our daily lives. Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is a beacon, delivering electricity through a vast distribution network, ensuring homes and businesses stay connected. Let’s delve into LESCO’s journey and how you can become part of this impactful endeavor.

Job Details Lahore Electric Supply Company - Lesco
Lahore Electric Supply Company – Lesco Jobs
Job Details
Job Location                   Punjab
Job Category                  Contract
Education                       According to the post
Quota                              Punjab
Department                     Lahore Electric Supply Company – Lesco

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Empowering Communities: The LESCO Difference
LESCO is a prominent public sector power utility mission to illuminate lives across Lahore and its neighboring regions. Strong focus on accessibility, reliability, and sustainability, LESCO is at the forefront of the energy sector, providing a lifeline to countless households and businesses.
How to Lead: CEO Position at LESCO
LESCO is an inspiring leader to take the reins as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This pivotal role calls for someone with vision, dynamism, and a proven track record of leadership. As the CEO, you’ll steer LESCO towards innovation, aligning with industry trends and ensuring a consistent power supply.
Applying Made Easy: Your Path to LESCO
Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey with LESCO? Applying is a breeze, and you have multiple avenues:
Online Application
The digital route offers convenience. Visit LESCO’s website (Lesco), register under “Apply Online for Jobs,” and complete your application online.
Courier Application
For those who prefer traditional methods, download the application form from the website, sign it, and send it via courier to the address mentioned.
Email Application
Alternatively, email your application to Attach a scanned copy of the signed application form, downloadable from the LESCO website.
Application Essentials
Irrespective of the method you choose, ensure you have the following documents ready:
Application Form: Sign and number all pages of the application form.
Fitness and Propriety: Showcase your suitability for the role using the prescribed format available on LESCO’s website.
Declaration: Draft a non-judicial stamp paper following the sample on the website.
Educational Proof: Provide copies of your degrees and certificates.
Experience Backing: Include certificates detailing your relevant experience.
Detailed CV: Prepare a comprehensive CV highlighting your qualifications and achievements.
Identification: Attach a recent passport-size photograph and copies of (CNIC, NICOP, etc.).
Professional References: Furnish three professional references who can vouch for your expertise.
Current Government Employees Welcome
Government, Semi-Government, or Autonomous Public Organizations, don’t hesitate to apply. Follow proper channels and include a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your current organization.
Key Notes to Remember
LESCO retains the right to decline applications without explanation.
Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews.
No Travel Allowance/Daily Allowance (TA/DA) will be provided during the interview or selection process.
LESCO can halt the hiring process at its discretion.
Misleading information or concealment of facts results in disqualification at any stage.
Hand-delivered or incomplete applications won’t be considered.
LESCO promotes gender equality, encouraging female applicants.
The application deadline is 04-09-2023.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How can I apply for the CEO position at LESCO?
Choose from multiple options: apply online through the LESCO website, send an email, or use traditional courier services. Details are available on the website.
Can current government employees apply?
If employed in a government-related organization, you’re welcome to apply. Just ensure to follow the appropriate procedure and provide the required NOC.
What documents are necessary for the application?
Essential documents include a signed application form, fitness and propriety demonstration, declaration on non-judicial stamp paper, educational certificates, experience proofs, a comprehensive CV, a recent passport-size photo, identification copies, and three professional references.
Can I submit an incomplete application or miss the deadline?
Submit a complete application within the specified timeframe.
How do I know if I’m shortlisted for an interview?
LESCO will contact only shortlisted candidates for interviews and further selection processes.
What if I provide inaccurate information?
Misleading information or withholding facts will lead to disqualification, even after selection.
Conclusion: Lighting Up Tomorrow
As LESCO searches for a visionary CEO, its commitment to empowering lives remains unwavering. Providing reliable electricity and fostering innovation, LESCO is driving progress and transformation. If you’re ready to be part of this journey, seize the opportunity and apply today!
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Job Details Lahore Electric Supply Company - Lesco
Lahore Electric Supply Company – Lesco Jobs

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