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Sindh Health Department

The Sindh Health Department, Government of Sindh, has some exciting contract positions for you! If you hold a domicile in Sindh, don’t miss this chance to join a dynamic team and contribute to the healthcare sector.

Sindh Health Department Jobs
Health Department Jobs
Job Location                   Sindh
Job Category                  Contract
Education                       Primary to MBBS
Quota                              Sindh
Department                     Sindh Health Department
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How to Apply

  1. To apply for these exciting positions, follow these simple steps:
  2. Update your CV with all relevant information.
  3. Gather attested copies of your academic qualifications and experience certificates.
  4. Remember to include a copy of your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  5. Prepare any other required documents as mentioned in the job description.
  6. Once you have all the necessary documents, send your application to the following address.

Important Notes

  1.  Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the interview, so make sure your application stands out.
  2.  Sindh Health Department does not provide Travel Allowance (T.A) / Daily Allowance (D.A) for the interview process.
  3. If you’re already employed in the government sector, follow the proper channel for application.
  4. Send separate applications for each role and mention the position on the top of the envelope.
  5.  Write your application and all documents in English to ensure a smooth process.
  6. Sindh Health Department believes in excellence and welcomes talented individuals like you to our team. Don’t wait; take the first step towards a rewarding career with Sindh Health Department. Apply now and secure your future in the healthcare domain!
  7. The clock is ticking! Make sure to submit your application within 15 days from the date of this advertisement.

Sindh Health Department Jobs 2023
Sindh Health Department Jobs 2023

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